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David Bowie Changes


I’ve left LA.  For now, at least.  It was a big decision, but one that had to be made.  “The choice may have been mistaken, the choosing was not.  You have to move on.” 16 years on the West Coast.  11 in Manhattan.  Now I’m in West Texas.  I’m grateful to my father for all […]

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People are debating a new Gypsy Movie with Barbra as Rose

I agree with A. Laurent’s assessment of Babs’ having the temperament.  Its well documented her Mother’s attitude toward little Bar so I think that is true.  And ultimately, physical type has never been a consideration – much to some of the real-life characters’ chagrin. I worked with June Havoc one summer, and as we got […]

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Lugnano Street

A Short List of Wants

I want to live in a place where I can tell someone my age and they say “you look great!” rather than have them frown and change the subject.

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Addicted to Happiness, Instead

I learned after living with an addict (where every day is spent fearing the worst) that I became addicted to that fear even when the reason for the fear was gone.  Not an easy lesson, but one I’m happy to have learned.

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