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Me MFA grad

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve visited this website.

CUT TO: Three years later.  Randall has completed his MFA at Texas Tech University with an emphasis in Performance & Pedagogy.  He has become a Fellow of the National Critics Institute at The O’Neill Theatre Center.  He has performed in numerous productions, traveled twice to The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival (where he presented his in-process original adaptation of the Williams story Mother Yaws as the first-ever scholarly presentation at the Tennessee Williams Institute).

And now I’ve been granted an AT&T Chancellor’s Fellowship to continue my studies at TTU in the doctoral program, with an emphasis in Playwriting and Theory/History/Criticism.  I start in August.

The decision to recalibrate my life after the enormous changes thrown my way in 2010 was a wise one.  I’m extremely grateful to my family and friends for their enduring support and assistance, and to the faculty of The School of Theatre at Texas Tech University for their welcoming embrace and tireless support. Onward and upward!  (and perhaps now I can be a bit more consistent in posting here.)

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