I had the privilege of working with Margaret Cho as the director of her burlesque variety show “Margaret Cho’s The Sensuous Woman.”  In essence, I curated the outrageous group of acts that Margaret had collected in her various forays into the world of belly dance, striptease and comedy.  Working with Margaret was a joy.  She is outrageously smart, hilariously funny, incredibly supportive and immensely talented – in addition to being a tenaciously hard worker.  My job was to take her potpourri of eccentric performers and meld them into an evening of theatrical entertainment.  Something with a through-line, that built to a satisfying conclusion and which reflected Margaret’s incisive and distinct viewpoint on sexuality, body image and beauty.  I brought in Kitty McNamee of Los Angeles’ Hysterica Dance Company to work as our choreographer in addition to asking Ryan Heffington, Kitty’s co-Artistic Director and an accomplished choreographer and performer in his own right, to take part in the production.  Working over a 10-month period, we shaped and polished the show in venues in LA, San Francisco, Chicago and ultimately New York.  I’m very proud of that show and my collaboration with Margaret, Kitty, the brilliant set designer Steven Capone and ace lighting designer Josh Monroe along with the many talented artists whom Margaret gathered for the company.  All of this was under the auspices of producer Arnold Engleman and his talented team at WestBeth Entertainment.

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