sunday, march 13, 2011

I am SO very excited about exploring the new possibilities inherent in this new webpage design.  With the assistance of my good friend Dave at Go9Media, I’m working to redefine my web presence using the tools of the 21st century.  I’m gonna tweet, I ‘m gonna blog, Ima be me in the cyber-ether.  So the journey begins . . . .

It’s a gorgeous day in SoCal.  Daylight Savings Time began this morning and nature seems to feel it a welcome change.  My front garden is abloom with perennials that I thought were ghosts of springtime past.  Elysium, crocus, roses, geraniums, pansies and petunias all have greeted this sunny morning.  I spent a little time yesterday remounting a window box which the rains of winter overburdened and sent crashing to the ground.  Today I’ll go buy a few more plants to return that place of prominence to its rightful colorful glory.  Don’t know how long I’ll stay in this house, but while I’m here I may as well enjoy its bounty.

Cindy, Jeanne and me

I got word last night that my eldest sister, Cindy, went into a diabetic coma on Saturday night.  Luckily, the word is that she is improving today.  She learned a few weeks ago that she had a broken leg bone beneath her kneecap due to an at-work fall.  (Apparently, her boss had the genius idea that all the caregivers in the daycare center in which she works should wear over-the-shoe booties.  The floor is linoleum and Cindy slipped and fell.)  Anyway, the stress in addition to the injury and her weight issues led to an insulin spike which caused stomach-flu like symptoms.  She called my mother, and Mom did her caretaker duty – taking her popsicles, gatorade, jello and soup.  (At this point, no one knew it was anything other than a tummy ache).  When Cindy called Mom back the next day, she was having dry heaves and was virtually incoherent.  Mom rushed to her apartment and drove her to the hospital, where they learned that her insulin level was over 600.  They’ve got her on a drip now and she’s improving.

Cindy was a miracle baby.  Born in 1955, she was 3 months premature and weighed 1lb, 10 oz.  You read that right:  less than 2lbs at birth.  She was small enough to hold in the palm of a hand, they say, although she lived her first three months in an incubator.  Considering the tiny Texas town we hail from, it’s a wonder she lived at all.  When she finally came home, my parents bought doll clothes for her to wear – there were no baby clothes that would fit her tiny body.  Although my sister Kristie was physically the odd-girl-out in the family (being the only one with blonde hair and thus the one always teased as “adopted”), Cindy is the least like the rest of my family.  She was always super athletic and physically talented.  She is also, unlike the rest of my siblings and myself, rather unassertive.  Whereas me or either of my other sisters will gladly argue with you until the sun rises on a new day, Cindy generally does not.  Not to say she isn’t stubborn, she’s just not argumentative.  She’d rather agree with you and then do what it is she really wants to do.  At the same time, she’s also quite tough.  There’s a family-famous home movie of we four kids building a human pyramid.  Cindy and Jeanne are on the bottom, then Kristie and I on top (a pretty lame pyramid, now that I think of it).  My guess is our ages are somewhere around 6, 8, 10 and 12 (me the youngest).  Cindy and Jeanne are (improbably) dressed in matching bermuda short and top sets.  When the pyramid-building fails and we tumble to the ground, Cindy begins beating the shit out of one of us – I don’t remember which one, probably me – while my Dad blithely continues shooting.  He would have been a great TMZ employee – don’t jump in to avert catastrophe, keep rolling!

Cindy also has a very unique way of looking at the world.  One of our favorite Cindyisms was her remark after running into someone she hadn’t seen in a long time: “If it hadn’t been for his face I never would have known him,” she remarked.  Of course, she meant that he had changed a lot physically but it struck us all as a perfect Cindy statement.  Lord knows what identifying characteristics she uses to determine whether she knows a person, but there’s something wonderful about the thought that whatever it is, it’s not as simple as the person’s face.

I hope she’s better soon.  And I hope she sues the pants off that witch she works for at JP Morgan Chase.

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